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The story of Turan Group:

Guided by an entrepreneurial spirit, the story of Turan Group has begun with foundation of Turan Plastic Packaging Company in 1998 by our founding chairman Hasan Turan. It has first started its corporate life with PE (polyethylene) canister production, then, in the following years, increased its production capacity in the field of food packaging by highly investing in blow-up drum machine production. As of the year 1998, it has started to produce plastic buckets, bowls and container packages by plastic injection machines with the help of its increased product range by making investments in PP (polypropylene) field under growing field of food packaging. In the beginning of 2000s, it has also started using IML robots in printing process and, having an automated production area with the help of innovative and technological investments which have enabled the company to produce more hygienic products by then.

TURAN, which has started packaging production in Konya, is now one of the largest packaging production facilities in Turkey by positioning its production area in one place with its comparable capacity in European level. Having equipped with environmentally friendly technologies in its facility with 12.500 m2 indoor space, it exports to over 36 countries in the world in addition to its domestic sales in Turkey.

Turan works with expert staff for the objectives of producing high quality products, providing and securing hygienic conditions, offering the best service along with competitive prices, and delivering products on time by the help of its rapidly growing dynamic and flexible structure.

Turan Plastic Packaging, which has achieved exporting its products over 36 countries in the world as well as its sales in domestic market, has also been making investments in medical sector apart from its main activity in food packaging production.

Along the lines with its customer needs and market requirements, Turan produces packages that offer added value to the products of its customers in the means of sales, marketing and logistics by its continuous efforts towards advancement and innovations in product designs.